Work in Progress

Forever Sheriff

Five Star worries about publishing a novel that takes place in the 20th Century, They’re the publishers and they have done the marketing and their concern is a marketing one. I don’t like the fact they have the concern because it worries me. Maybe they won’t take the book when I submit it.  (All Five Star books go on submission, even from such established and famous an author as my friend, John Nesbitt.)

Still, I am convinced and excited about showing how our lives are influenced and shaped, even controlled, by what went on in the 19th Century. Mark Simms is sworn in on his eighteenth birthday in October, 1905 and his swearing in is interrupted by the cattle rustlers who got their start with the stolen money from the robbery that led to his grandfather’s death in 1883.

He spends thirteen years chasing these men who turn into the meatpacking gang of the early 20th Century. With his father’s death, he pins on the family star. Before he can bury his father and wrap up this decades old related series of crimes, the Spanish-flu comes to Coalville.

Hardest hit in the whole state, his little community needs his leadership.