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Forever Sheriff, the chronological third book and the end-cap of the the High Mountain Sheriff series, follows Deputy Mark Simms, determined upholder of the law as Summit County’s third Sheriff Simms.

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To the banker who sacrificed his career to save his community.

International Quarterfinalist
2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards
Amazon.com and Penguin Group (USA)

Edward Massey was born with a love of the West, and it grew.

Raised in rural Utah, Edward is the product of his predecessors’ courage and grit. As a great-grandson of pioneers, his work explores the struggles people encounter in staying true to themselves and their ideals. He shines a light on the hard decisions made every day, the hardest of which is to keep going.

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Years of study and, more importantly, hundreds of hours of conversation with friends and mentors (including Anne who qualifies on both counts, though some mentors don’t qualify as friends) have taught me and convinced me that if you must judge a week as good or bad, the only measure is how you use it.

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The start of a long journey

Edward Massey introduces his new book, Telluride Promise, and answers questions about the themes that inspired him to write the book (2009).

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