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We have had five years with Edward Massey Books and this website. My books, the books that interest me, the lives my books lead, and the way books lead my life are still the are still the topics. When first I started this website, I wrote, “With breath and luck, we can expect more books.” Four years of breath and hard work, mingled with the luck of having everyone hang in there with me (wife, friends, publisher) brought a new book that will be published April 17, 2019.

Fugitive Sheriff

Five Star published my third novel on April 17, 2019. It is available on Amazon.com and on Barnes & Noble and can be ordered from all of your local bookstores. So far, it’s in its second printing and we’re pushing for a third. We will have a page about it up on this website soon.

Every Soul Is Free 

My second novel is available at Amazon.com,  and B&N.com.  The e-book is also available for Kindle, iPad, and Android users.  Android users should make sure they have the Android Kindle app installed, and then browse to Amazon and download the book.

Telluride Promise

Joe Nocera found my story in February, 2019 and wrote me an e-mail. A great article ensued, published on Bloomberg. Go to the Telluride Promise page on this website. My first novel is available on Amazon and Kindle.


I had hoped that we would  find together the news and information that accumulates in a conversation, one that might occur in a bookstore, a signing, an event, or over a meal or a drink. It is still my goal. Let’s give it a renewed effort.

Reader’s Guides

For each of my books, a partially structured guide to our conversations and discussions will emerge as more of our community join in.

  • To start, a little comment on each book, something of an introduction but by no means designed to be a summary.
  • Discussion topics: Questions that bring together various groups because of their mutual interests, not just because they are a book group.
  • Some background notes on each book – and they may or may not have anything to do with the story you read in the book.

About Edward Massey

It starts with a biographical sketch I still don’t know how to write.  It’s a skill I hope to develop and I am honestly asking for your suggestions. It will also include a little collection of notes about what I’m doing as a writer.  You will notice these notes change from time to time, not because what I’m doing changes so much, but my ability to see and to describe what I am doing sure does.

Future Work

A dangerous subject to introduce into our conversation.  It has to be there.  edwardmasseybooks has a history of three. Five Star has accepted my next novel, Founding Sheriff, and scheduled it for June, 2020, publication. At the moment (May, 2019) I am rewriting a finished but unpublished novel. The little voices tell me to start a new one, but I am ignoring them. I am also trying to learn how to create a career and sell my books! That eats into the attention, effort, and time for writing the next one.

The Blog

I originally mentioned the blog as the big competitor to my daily writing. That was a giant overstatement of my blogging commitment. It did not compete because I did not put in the effort and time. I have two serious blogging friends and they put as much effort and time into their blog as I put into my novels. Currently, I am skeptical about my blogging capacity, but I remain optimistic that it could give you a forum and as much space as you want.  Good intentions lead me to promise I will post to it, frequently and regularly. We’ll see. If I do, perhaps I will persuade you to take advantage of the forum and write what interests you, even if it is not about the books and the writing.

Get in Touch

All of the modern, social media are there and I am renewed in my resolve to become competent. Until then, the tried and true method of just exchanging e-mails and letters will always work.  On this page, and at each book, there are links to allow you to get in touch with your preferred bookseller and buy the books.