The High Mountain Sheriffs Series

Founding Sheriff book cover

Book One:
Founding Sheriff

Spanning the years 1965-96, Founding Sheriff follows the journey of Luke Simms in his newly appointed role as the town’s founding sheriff. Simms grapples with the reality of justice with the investigation of a young woman’s murder. 

Founding Sheriff was first published in 2021.

Book Two:
Fugitive Sheriff

Picking up in 1883-87, Fugitive Sheriff, is the chronological second book, telling the story of Sheriff John Simms and his hunt for his father’s killer. At the same time Sheriff Simms is hunted himself by U.S. marshalls for the bounty on his head levied because he maintains two families.

Fugitive Sheriff was first published in 2019.

Fugitive Sheriff by Edward Massey book cover
Forever Sheriff by Edward Massey book cover

Book Three:
Forever Sheriff

Set in 1905-24, Forever Sheriff is the end-cap of the High Mountain Sheriff Series and features Deputy Mark Simms, son of John, the Fugitive Sheriff, and grandson of Luke, the Founding Sheriff.

Forever Sheriff was first published in 2022.

Book Four:
Every Soul Is Free

Originally conceived as a preamble to the High Mountain Sheriff series, Every Soul is Free sets the stage for the series with Sheriff John Simms and his duty to bring back to justice a man he caught once before, a man he raised like a son.

Every Soul is Free was first published in 2014.

Every Soul is Free was awarded the Golden Quill Award for Best Published Book, 2014, Awarded by the League of Utah Writers.

Every Soul Is Free by Edward Massey book cover

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