Forever Sheriff

Coming in May 2022  

Mark Simms, son of John, the Fugitive Sheriff, and grandson of Luke, the Founding Sheriff, is sworn in as Deputy on his birthday in October, 1905. From the moment his hand touches the Bible, his swearing in is interrupted by cattle rustlers. They got their start with the stolen money from the robbery that led to his grandfather’s death in 1883. The artist who changes the brands is also the hired gun. For thirteen years, the deputy grows into his future as the final Sheriff Simms of Summit County as he and the sheriff pursue the rustlers who discover butchering is a better way to hide brands. They grow and tie up with the meatpacking monopoly.

            World War I’s end and the recession that follows it stop the monopoly. The big company from the city cleans up its own mess with a series of accidents. Simms still needs to investigate the drowning of the hired gun, now with his father’s death, as sheriff. He pins on the family star. Before he can bury his father and wrap up the decades-old series of crimes, the Spanish-flu comes to Coalville.

            Hardest hit in the whole state, his little community needs his leadership.

            Forever Sheriff will be published in May, 2022, by FIVE STAR, a part of Gale, a Cengage Company

            As with Founding Sheriff, Covid set back the publication date of Forever Sheriff. Advanced Reader;s Copies (ARCs), however, will be ready in early December. To anyone interested in writing a review and placing it in a venue of your choice, please sign up on the contact page. I will send you an ARC.

Since Mark’s story completes the trilogy of grandfather, Luke, father, John, and son, Mark, if you are interested in reviewing the trilogy for a venue of your choice, please note that on the sign-up page and I will send you all three ARCs.

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