Founding Sheriff

Owing to the complications caused by CoVid-19, my publisher has set back all its remaining 2020 publications for six months. As a result, Five Star will publish my fourth novel on February 19, 2021, deferred from August 19, 2020.  Founding Sheriff is still available for pre-order on and on Barnes & Noble. (Your credit card will not be charged until it is shipped.) It can also be ordered from your local bookstore. I currently have advance reader copies available, if you would like to read it, write a review, and place it in a venue of your choice.  See the Contact Me page and send an e-mail with your mailing address. I will send one off as soon as I can get to a post office. See the teaser copy from the ARC cover on the novel’s page on this website.

Fugitive Sheriff

Five Star published my third novel in April 2019. It is available on and on Barnes & Noble. You may also order order it from your local bookstore. So far, it’s in its third printing and we’re pushing for a fourth. See the page on this website.

Every Soul Is Free 

My second novel is available at,  and B&  The e-book is also available for Kindle, iPad, and Android users.  Android users should make sure they have the Android Kindle app installed, and then browse to Amazon and download the book.

Telluride Promise

Joe Nocera found my story of the banker who robbed the New York banks to protect his small-town depositors before the great depression and wrote me an e-mail in February, 2019.  A great article ensued, published on Bloomberg. I have provided with a link on the Telluride Promise page. Also check out the page for a great video of an interview in Telluride. My first novel is still available and still selling on Amazon and Kindle.

Forever Sheriff – in progress

Mark Simms, third in the line of Sheriffs Simms of Summit County, is sworn in on his eighteenth birthday in October, 1905. His swearing in is interrupted by the cattle rustlers who bankrolled their sprawling ranch with stolen money from the robbery that led to his grandfather’s death in 1883. Son of Fugitive Sheriff, grandson of Founding Sheriff, his challenges from rustlers to Spanish-flu show how our lives lived today are shaped, even controlled, by what went on before.