Founding Sheriff

Founding Sheriff continues to follow the journey of Luke Simms as he assumes his newly appointed role as the town’s founding sheriff. Simms grapples with the reality of justice with the investigation of a young woman’s murder. Compelled by the promise made to the victim’s mother, the Founding Sheriff is forced to reconcile the lawless land of Summit County with the long and arduous path for justice. But life in a growing frontier town unfolds its apparent willingness to assist the murderer’s effort to flee his fate. All the while, tensions with natives, calls for vigilante justice, and overbearing railroad officials challenge the Sheriff’s morals.

Founding Sheriff provides an in-depth exploration of post Civil War life in Utah’s expanding frontiers while striking on the ever present struggles of a man and his ability to uphold a position he never asked for.

Founding Sheriff is part of the High Mountain Sheriffs series of books by Edward Massey.

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“If you are looking for a little bit different kind of western, where reason and common sense rule amidst the Mormons of Utah Territory, then this is the book for you.”
— Vicky Rose
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“A wonderful portrayal of life in the elevated back country of pioneer Utah, Founding Sheriff is a compelling, page-turning adventure worthy of Five Stars and, definitely, your interest.”

Eugene Joseph DiCesaris

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“I have read all of Ed Massey’s books. They are all engaging page turners and Founding Sheriff is no exception… His voice is so strong.”

 — Susan

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“If you haven’t read the other books in the series, start with this one…and then buy the rest.”

— Marya

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