Reviews of Founding Sheriff

Reviews are very important, and I am very happy to post the first one published (today, May 12) by Vicky Rose of Western Fictioneers. Please write a review for Founding Sheriff. The Amazon robots count them and every one counts.  Amazon is not the only venue where reviews are published. Others often represent more impact. In these pages, every review from every source will be published. I hope we add up to hundreds of reviews from dozens of venues.

Here is Vicky Rose’s goodreads review …

Founding Sheriff by Edward Massey

“It’s just after the Civil War in Utah Territory when a vicious killer shoots his young, pregnant wife, steals her pa’s guns and takes out in grandma’s buggy. He’s hasn’t reckoned on Sheriff Luke Simms, a Mormon sheriff who routs out evil with the same patient determination he exhibits at his other occupation as a cooper making barrels. A transplanted Englishman, Luke uses a cane and rifle to bring the wife killer to justice, but justice takes her sweet time in bringing about a conviction. The killer uses every legal trick and maneuver he can think of to delay his trial, and although Sheriff Simms gets aggravated, he never gives up on the justice system.

“In the meantime, the sheriff must deal with Indian hysteria and overbearing railroad officials. The author has a way with phrases, “The homestead …. called a cattle ranch amounted to little more than a fight with the high mountain desert.” And his portrayal of a manipulation sociopathic killer is especially well drawn.

“If you are looking for a little bit different kind of western, where reason and common sense rule amidst the Mormons of Utah Territory, then this is the book for you.”