Does it sell books?

Right now, I am in a major debate with myself about whether the time it takes to write on this blog and post on my facebook Author’s page is worth it compared to the amount of work I have to do to sell Every Soul Is Free and finish my third novel.  (My third novel is far enough along I have sent it out to readers and editors and my editor wrote me yesterday,IMG_00000209 “Where the hell did she come from?” about a character who placed a call in the eighteenth chapter.  I had been living with her since the eleventh chapter, but apparently the reader hadn’t.  Major work to solve.) Anyway, debate aside, rewriting aside, I have a wonderful family of children and step-children (whom I think of without the “step-“) and they went running today in Portland, a half-marathon for some, a 5k for others. Everyone finished, in great time, and they are all beautiful, see them here.

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