Encourage Reading, Gift an Edward Massey book

Encourage reading, support bookstores, buy books. That’s my theme for 2015. What I am doing for my part in encouraging you to encourage reading is to send you a second book for one dollar:

Order a book from this website and I will sign it and inscribe any message you want. Enter the desired inscription in the field below. If you want the book(s) sent to a third party, enter that information when you get to the order summary page by clicking on “Add special instructions to the seller.”

  • Every Soul Is Free, $18.00, price includes mailing
  • Telluride Promise, $12.00, price includes mailing
  • Gift set, both books, $19.00, price includes mailing

Go to Amazon.com for twenty-one terrific reviews and, of course, if you prefer, buy both books on Kindle for even less than my one dollar special.

Happy, healthy reading in 2015.

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One thought on “Encourage Reading, Gift an Edward Massey book

  1. I enjoyed meeting you at the convention Western Writers convention in Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock is the Numunu (Comanche) capital and is located in the heart of Numunu country. Stay in touch.

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