Review (3) in ROUNDUP Magazine

ROUNDUP Magazine, published bi-monthly by Western Writers of America, has asked me to do a (third) review. Coming in 2015, you can read it here, now:

ETHAN J. WOLFE. The Regulator. Five Star. Hardcover. 232 pages, $25.95,

The subtitle says Soldier. Sniper. Lawman. That just about covers it all. Except Congressman!

President Garfield summons Murphy, no first name, from his Congressional seat to resume his service, (he was once in the Secret Service to Grant), now as a lawman. His charge: to find and apprehend a sniper who kills railroad track workers and whole families of settlers.

Over the course of a few weeks, he invents forensic science and kills the killer. Aside from both hunted and hunter being snipers, the reader learns Murphy’s painful past makes him one of a feather with the insane killer.

Along the way, man gets his quarry and girl gets him.
—Edward Massey

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